Completed Projects

 At Antelle we pride ourselves on the high level of expertise we have with our chosen tools. This experience is hard won through the successful delivery of projects and services for many organisations both on and off the Isle of Man.

We are passionate about technology but do not implement technology for technologies sake; rather our approach is always to deliver the most appropriate solution based on the businesses requirements.

Interested in some of the work we have completed for our clients?  Why not have a browse through the selection below to get a feeling for some of the projects we have completed.

Do see anything relevant?  Don't worry just get in touch, the projects listed are just a small selection of those we have undertaken.

Our Previous Projects

Explore some of the client projects that we have completed, across various sectors both on and off the Isle of Man.

Each project has a summary giving the project brief and a paragraph or two detailing the solution and how we approached implementing it. Against each project, we also describe the services we provided and the tools and technology we used.

If you have a project (regardless of how far along you are in planning), you would like us to take a look at or discuss just contact us to arrange a chat.