Business Intelligence

Trying to understand the data that your organisation holds is difficult at the best of times.  Multiply that out by the disparate systems that are not integrated, and the problem grows considerably in complexity.

Antelle is expert in helping organisations turn that data into knowledge and information into insight.

Gain insight, understand your data

We have the experience and expertise to help you in understanding your data, gaining valuable insight into underlying trends and empowering you to make informed decisions based on timely relevant information.

Antelle can help you expose your data via dashboards, charts and advanced analytics to help you accurately understand what's going on within your business.  We can join your databases, tune performance, export data in formats for "what if" type analysis in Excel and onward analysis in analytics platforms like Power BI. 

In today's world information is power and turning data into information is what we at Antelle do.

Contact us for you're free consultation on your requirements and see how we can help set your data free.