Microsoft .NET Development

.Net Development and Visual Studio are the weapons of choice when we are building out our solutions.  We are comfortable working with all versions of the .Net framework and Visual Studio, specialising in the C# and Visual Basic languages.

We have used the .Net framework (in both it's full and mobile) versions from the very first publicly available beta programmes to deliver systems which are real business enablers with some customers being almost wholly reliant on the programs we have built to run their businesses and streamline their processes.

Antelle can and have made nearly every type of system from the smallest throwaway migration tool right through to large scalable web solutions and systems that seamlessly integrate with other enterprise and line of business applications.  Our developers are passionate about what they do and where possible ensure that the customer is part of the team long before we start writing code.

Build, test, refine and support.  Antelle gets the job done to your deadlines and budget.

.NET Development
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